Regional Manager – Sacha Sanguinetti

Sacha Sanguinetti was born and raised on Kodiak Island in Alaska. He was born on the cold floor of a cannery oven during a March blizzard. At a very young age, Sacha was catching wild salmon with his bare hands, fending off killer Kodiak Bears with the most rudimentary of weapons, and sailing the untamed open ocean, in search of fresh whale blubber, on a homemade raft of consisting of only twigs, stretched salmon skin and bloated fur seal bladders…

…and if you believe a word of that we have ocean front property in Dodge City to sell you…sight unseen.

Sacha was actually born in Kodiak, AK…but it was in a warm hospital room with modern technology. He liked to fish for salmon using a rod and reel bought at the local hardware store. Sacha never actually saw a Kodiak bear until he was nearly 13 years old…and that was at the city landfill. His boating adventures consisted primarily of traveling to and from “the mainland” on a large ferry that boasted state rooms, a restaurant and theater.

During high school, Sacha was given the opportunity to call some local ballgames on the radio for area high school sports and a love affair with broadcasting ensued. After graduating high school he decided he wanted to experience more of the world and ended up in the “Lower 48” in the radio program at Colby Community College (Colby, KS).

In 1998 he began his professional radio career with Eagle Radio in Great Bend, KS where he was in sales and the play-by-play voice of Barton Community College basketball.

Sacha took over the general manager position for Rocking M Radio in Colby/Goodland in 2009, and in 2013 joined the Dodge City/Garden City staff as a consulting manager.

Sacha and his wife Desirae reside in Colby and have four children: Morgan (17), Rylan (15), Keelan (13) and Shelby (11).