Jim Groth

Welcome readers of this web site and listeners of Dodge City based Rocking M Radio stations. I’m Iowa born Jim Groth, Senior Business Development Executive in Dodge City, Kansas. As you can see in my picture I love to spend my free time with my boys, leading Boy Scouts down the right path in life, golfing, hunting, watching the Dodge City A’s baseball games, motorcycle riding and fishing. I have been in this neck of the woods (or plains) since the late 70’s having fun. The main reason I got into radio was I wanted to work a job that would allow me to have as much fun as allowed by law. Interesting thing…..my General Manager tells us all the time to “Have Fun With It” in everything we do. She has been in this business for a whole lot of years so she knows what it takes to mix it up once in a while and to have fun.

Are you still wondering what a Senior Business Development Executive is? In a nutshell it is another name for someone who has been on the sales staff the longest that is in charge of helping a host of local and area businesses plan and execute radio advertising campaigns. What makes it really interesting is that in this business you meet a lot of different people and I get to learn about the business that they operate and often own.

If you are considering getting into the mad mad world of radio feel free to contact me for my insights. If you are in business and need a good radio sales rep. that will help you when you need it, feel free to contact me. My email address is [email protected]


Jim Groth