Got your VIP card yet? It’s valuable.

Rocking M Radio just mailed out today the first group of VIP cards from registrations on our website.  You can find that form under VIP Club at  Those lucky folks got a certificate to buy ELI YOUNG BAND TICKETS in the VIP section ($20 seats) for only $5.  Good to the first 100 card holders – the certificate that comes with your card has all the details.  This is just the first of the many values that will be offered to VIP card holders.  Each card holder will have an opportunity to take advantage of a special offer at each public event at the United Wireless Arena – and it’s only beginning!

Tomorrow on Josh’s morning show he’ll draw for the winner from the first 75 VIP registrations for the free JEFF DUNHAM tickets.  At noon we’ll draw for the free Rascal Flats tickets from the first 100 VIP registrations.  There’s lots more winning and special values to come but you better get registered now.  It’s free – you get a nice card  – and there’s something special all the time for VIP card carrying member – join us!


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