Station Manager – Josh Roesener

IMG_9733editJosh Roesener here, born and raised on a family farm just like so many of us out here in Kansas. I got into radio by accident.

I am busy, probably too busy! Besides being on the radio I am a photographer, yes Josh Roesener
Photography is me, there aren’t two people with the same name! I am also in charge of the World Famous Boot Hill Gunfighters at Boot Hill Museum.

My plan going into college was graphic design, I had a friend doing a show on the college station so I went along and that was it. My major changed that afternoon.

After getting my degree and months of shadowing and internships I was hired part time here at Rocking M Media to help with sports and fill in when other jocks were out. On December 8 2008 I was hired full time and got my morning show on the greatest country radio station in the world, 96.3 The Marshal.

In April of 2016 I was named manager of the Rocking M Dodge City/ Garden City station cluster.

In late 2011 I started checking out some of the music coming up from Texas, a new blend of country, I liked it, and started featuring one song every Friday. It didn’t take too long to catch on and soon the show was an hour long. Only a few months later we became the first radio station in Kansas to report to the Texas Country Music Chart! We now feature ‘Red Dirt Country’ throughout the week.

We are now a reporting station for the Texas Regional Radio Report. In 2015 96.3 The Marshal was nominated in the Texas Regional Radio & Music Awards for Out of Region Station of the Year. I was nominated and won the Out of Region On-Air personality of the year. Thank you to all of our great listeners for the support!

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I am now on the air weekdays 7-9 am and 11 am-1 pm , tune in, lets have some fun!

Everyday of the mid-day show has its own theme, listen to all of them, or pick a favorite!

More Music Monday – The Red Dirt Hangover
Tuesday –
Retro Country Wednesday – If it happened before 1990 in country we play it.
90’s Country Thursday – All the biggest and best from my favorite decade of country music.
Red Dirt Friday 7am-1pm – All the best from Red Dirt Country.