The Sarah Dunn Band Hits SWKS

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.19.21 AMI’ve spent a little time with a lot of bands. This past weekend I spent a lot of time with a little band.

We actually met in early August. I got a standard email from a promotions company in Nashville that fairly regularly sends artists out on radio visits across the country, including 96.3 The Marshal.

“The Sarah Dunn Band is on tour and they want to visit you!” All of the emails start that way, it doesn’t make me feel all that special anymore. It continued that Sarah was a fiddle player that travels with her whole band and that they are ready to perform. That was new; usually it’s just the singer and a guitar player.

After helping them navigate their bus through the skinny old streets of Dodge over the phone, they arrived at the station. We packed them all into the studio and the interview started. Then they played. WOW! I seriously considered just turning off the station after, because nothing could really follow that. They just have energy like nothing I have heard before. Great songs, tight harmonies, awesome musicians, they are just really good!

We ended up spending most of the day together at Boot Hill Museum; they even played in the saloon for a while. We ended up at Central Station where I was able to introduce them to Trent from Southwest Country Fest. I wasn’t in on that conversation, but next thing I knew they would be playing the festival and Sarah would be joining me on stage as emcee for the concert!


The Sarah Dunn Band is four members:
Sarah Dunn: Lead Vocals/Fiddle/Mandolin/Acoustic Guitar
Scotty : Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Banjo
Roger : Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals
David : Drums/ Percussion/Backing Vocals

Two local bands took the stage before Sarah at the festival. As I walked up to introduce them for their set, I wasn’t sure what to expect. This is a great band, I know that, the festival knows that, we play them on the radio, but do enough people know them?

They took the stage to a roaring crowd; apparently everyone there could also feel that energy I felt at first when I met them. This fairly new band performs like they have been touring all over together for years. Sarah commands the stage like few other entertainers I have seen. Their set started with several songs from their new album called ‘You or the Whiskey.’ Then they burst into the 1986 song Your Love by The Out Field, if anyone wasn’t paying attention before they were now.  From where I stood it was almost two concert; Sarah in one ear, and the ENTIRE crowd singing along in the other.  The set wrapped up with a rousing version of the Charlie Daniels favorite ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia, and another song from the album appropriately called ‘Bye, Bye.’

On Saturday night Sarah and I worked the stage together introducing bands and such. In between our ‘working’ we walked around the crowd and everyone wanted to meet her.

This is a band that is going to be big. This is a band you need to check out. This is a band you need to follow. This is a band whose music you need to own! Check them out.

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