Ford County Update Regarding COVID-19 Virus

josh roesenerMarch 16, 2020

Ford County, Kansas The Ford County Board of County Commissioners would like to provide an update to Ford County citizens, address popular rumors and provide essential facts

The Kansas City metro area is making an effort to slow the spread of COVID19 with a shelterin-place order while other counties have also instituted notravelorders. Fortunately, Ford County citizens have been doing a wonderful job social distancing, staying home, minimizing public interactions and generally making the right decisions to protect the health and safety of our familycommunity

It is important that everyone continue practicing social distancing, staying home and only making public contact for essential services. Please keep in mind that the changes in lifestyle we are recommending are temporary and will not be a new way of lifeforever. All of us have to remain calm, patient and clear when it comes to our response to COVID19


1) The panic buyingthat communities are seeing across the country is a natural response to 

fear. In our case, panic buyingis only making it more difficult for local vendors to provide an adequate amount of stock and supplies. Local grocers have had to modify business hours due to panic buyingand that makes this whole situation even more difficult and scary. So, in reality, any shortage of products and availability has been created by panicand not necessity. Recommendation: At this time, it is recommended that everyone refrain from panic buyingand shop as you normally would before COVID19. If we all do that, business hours will be 

restored and everyone will have an opportunity to buy all of the things they need. 2) The National Guard has not been called in for martial law. Ford County is not under martial law 

and there are no plans to be under martial law. 3) The electronic signs you are seeing on the highway are for construction to begin on replacing 

components of the bridge at U400. 4) There are pictures of essential workerletters being distributed on the Internet at this time

there is no official order for any workers in Ford County to carry such a letter to perform the functions of their job. This is something select employers are doing on their own and that is okay

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The Mission of Ford County Government is to build on our heritage, prepare for the future and provide quality services to our citizens


1) If you have a traveled from a hot zoneinto Ford County, you will be subject to mandatory 

quarantine. 2) If you are a close contact of a confirmed positive case, you will be subject to mandatory 

quarantine. 3) There are processes in place to ensure availability of response supplies and COVID19 testing 

kits individuals tested will have to meet certain criteria. 4) If, at any time, Ford County identifies evidence of community spread / transmission, we will 

communicate the next steps and recommendations as soon as possible. 5) If, at any time, Ford County needs to shelterinplace or restrict travel, we will communicate 

that directly to the citizens of Ford County as soon as possible

SelfEducation, SelfInform

1) To learn more about shelteringinplace or how to prepare your family for emergencies in 

general, please visit 2) Please explore the KDHE website for up-todate, bona fide information

Ford County and community partners are still working hard every day to stay uptodate and informed. Ford County Fire/EMS, Sheriffs Office, Emergency Management, Public Health and Administration are still working aroundtheclock to mitigate COVID19

If you have any questions regarding COVID19, please call the KDHE Hotline KDHE Hotline 1.866.534.3463 or email them to

J.D. Gilbert, B.S., M.B.A. Email: 

If you feel you are in need of COVID19 testing because of active symptoms or recent travel to areas with confirmed cases, please call your medical provider. Medical providers, Western Plains Medical Complex and Ford County Health Department have the ability to test for COVID19. Please visit the following links for more information: Ford County Health Department recommendations to help prevent the spread of COVID19

Use proper handwashing techniques Avoid attending large gatherings and work if you are feeling ill Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose without first washing your hands Cover your cough and sneeze 

Clean and disinfect contact surfaces (home, office, etc.) Important Telephone Numbers: KDHE Hotline 1.866.534.3463 Ford County Public Health Department 620.227.4545 


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