Two Arrested in Lane County on Drug Charges and Child Endangerment

Judd Weil April 13, 2021

A male and female suspect were arrested in Dighton, Kans in Lane County on April 12, when a traffic stop for speeding turned into a Probable Cause Search, resulting in the two receiving several drug charges as well as being charged with child endangerment.


At approximately 2:30 p.m., a Lane County Sheriff’s deputy stopped a vehicle travelling 25 miles over the posted speed limit through Dighton.


During a Probable Cause search of the vehicle, the deputy uncovered several drug related items.


While the deputy waited for assistance, he handcuffed the male suspect behind the back and had him sit on the sidewalk and then handcuffed the female suspect in the front, to allow her to comfort her small child while she waited to be picked up.


Once backup arrived, and as the deputy updated them on the situation, the suspects tried to get back into their vehicle and flee.


They were promptly stopped.


EMS was called to check on the subjects for drug related issues and one suspect was transported to the hospital and then released.


Both suspects were arrested for possession of paraphernalia, heroin, methamphetamine and Fentanyl, as well as aggravated child endangerment and drug-based DUI.


Both suspects are in jail at this time, and the child was placed into protective custody.

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